Kisima Ngeda Tented Camp , Ngorongoro

Kisima Ngeda is a tiny tented camp situated on Lake Eyasi’s shore – a huge soda lake which is in the rift valley floor beneath the Ngorongoro Highlands. It is a wonderful instance of a properly managed camp operated by the owner that is found in the shadows of a orchard of doum palms, along the eastern shore of this lake. The scenery across this soda lake up to the 3000 feet escarpment at the end is really amazing.

This camp is owned by Chris Schmelling; his family has been cultivating this area for several years – together with George Mavroudis. This camp is partially supplied by the wonderful food – such as smoked tilapia fillet plus black forest smoked ham – which they actually produce on their farm. The Wahadzabe hunter and gatherers live in this part of the country. Having grown up within this area, Chris speaks several local languages and it’s exciting to spend time with the natives and   observing them go about their day to day activities.

The camp simply has 7 tents, each of them constructed underneath a thatched structure, skillfully made nearly completely of palm (including thatch with poles) and with cautious care about the utilization of environmentally friendly materials. There aren’t any pretensions here (no indication of rose petals on your pillow) and also the outstanding service coupled with a basic classiness, makes this camp extremely appealing to spend a night or more at.

The latest construction of a swimming pool also makes this an excellent place for you to relax and loosen up for some time. The location of the camp is very stunning with breathtaking views extending north of the renowned Ngorongoro Crater plus the verdant Highlands with views of two extinct volcanoes the Lemagrut plus Ol Deani mountains (which are nearly over 10,000 feet at the forefront.

Accommodation Kisima Ngeda Tented Camp

Having seven large tents having private verandahs that are looking over the lake, Seductive dining with views over Lake Eyasi, this is certainly a place to stay. The décor at Kisima Ngeda’s attracts on aspects of the encompassing landscape and features elements of local Hadza culture.

There is a Comfortable lounge area which is a wonderful place to loosen up just before your dinner or as you take your drinks after dinner or you may opt to have a dip in the swimming pool at the end of a very long day.

Activities at Kisima Ngeda Tented Camp

This is a center of culture! Kisima Ngeda delivers a unique experience really different from what you will find on an ordinary safari. Here, it is possible to step out your safari vehicle – you may explore the various trails surrounding the lake, you may also choose to take a canoe along the lake shore, have a walk through the neighboring tribal villages, or simply sit and relish the gorgeous lake views particularly the sunset while standing on top of a rock.

Although you can see the various wild animals, the thing that makes Kisima Ngeda genuinely unique is the possibility to visit the local tribes. The waDatoga people are a pastoral group much like the renowned Maasai, and it’s normally very fascinating to visit the area Blacksmith or even a Datoga boma.

You may as well head out into the bush with the local nomadic, hunter as well as gatherer Hadza Bushmen.

another way to venture into this area’s historical past culture is spending some time with the Hadza people who are  hunter and gatherers that speak one of the most ancient  language on the African continent.