Kuhama Camp

There isn’t a thing compared to the wonderful sensation of camping in the middle of a real African bush. The wildlife murmurs in the night, the beautiful sunsets, the long ago tales narrated around the camp-fire beneath a blanket of stars is actually the There isn’t a better way to pleasure in the heartbeat, sounds plus aromas of Africa than actually camping in this African wilderness.

Kuhama Camp presents its guests with a complete experience of this empathy of nature blended with a 5 stars service plus comfort.

It is really a memorable experience spending a night in a tent within and you will certainly enjoy the feel of the great magic of this amazing continent.

They offer 15 tents very comfortable tents that are spacious and will offer the maximum lavishness to each of their guests.

The tents in dimension are: Length: 6 meters, Width: 3.1 meters, vertical-height in the walls: 1.68 meters and central Height is: 2.30 meters

the tents are beautifully furnished in great detail: the beds and bed-side tables are made using the finest quality wood, the mattresses are very comfortable, the carpets very clean, beautiful lamps, a luggage rack, unique safari armchairs plus a table on the verandah, inside bathroom supplied with hot and cold water, a shower, bathtub as well as a flushing toilet. The large windows are fitted with mosquito nets to keep out any insects including mosquitoes.

At Kuhama Camp, there are electricity furrow solar panels as well as a generator to endure that the  clients will always acquire the very best comfort and luxury as well have provisions for charging their electric gadgets like phones and cameras.

Their dinning tent is pretty large and properly ventilated to offer all the facilities found in a real restaurant. There are comfortable tables with matching chairs, laid with nice table cloth made from the finest quality fabric, and suitable napkins, genuine silverware, cutlery plus glassware.

Among the most fascination thing worth experiencing is a meal at At Kuhama Camp. Their chef will certainly surprise each time you delicious, quality and assortment of the foods. Early in the morning, there are gentle wakeup calls made right before day break. The breakfast includes coffee or tea, fresh toast, an order of sausages, bacon, or eggs plus fresh fruit and juice. The lunch is another fascinating offer. It includes several dishes best prepared in accordance to your preference while the dinner – normally a 3 course meal is served inside the large dinning tenet.