Mysigio Camp Ngorongoro

Away from the main tourist routes within the Ngorongoro Highlands is

Mysigio Luxury Seasonal Camp

. Its location is very wonderful set in the middle of a ‘massai country’ with very old forests plus spectacular views of Lake Eyasi to the south. Interestingly, the camp is just 20 minutes drive from the edge of the Crater Rim implying that guests can enjoy early morning game drives at the floor of the  crater you will leave with a breakfast picnic box from the camp so that you do not miss any action within the crater.

This is a seasonal camp set in a particular place for approximately 8 months each year; implying  that it is more comfortable compared the usual mobile camps, It has larger tents each with a spacious inside bathroom having twin basins plus a large shower. The caravan fashioned tents have flush toilets plus the traditional bucket showers. They offer twin beds or double beds basing on your preference in each tent, a writing desk plus a private on which guests can unwind as they enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding.

The meals here are a grand affair served in an exclusively designed dinning tent that can be closed-up in the cool evenings and then opened for an al fresco experience for your breakfast and lunch. The foods are delicately prepared using some local ingredients and

fresh vegetables

; then cooked on a charcoal stove or gas burner. The chef works to ensure that all the guests’ dietary needs are well met.

There Lounge tent where guests gather and unwind on a tea, coffee or chilled drink. It has very comfortable sofas, several Board games plus a variety of books. The lounge together with the mess tents are have stoves with burning wood that keeps these places warm especially in the evenings.

Among the outstanding rewards of Mysigio is the chance to get step out of your car and to do some activities. These range from short walks starting at the camp or then lengthier day hike up to the hills, you will make stops to interact with cow herders or marvel at the spectacular vistas across the large Serengeti Plains.

In the evenings there is a cultural experience it could be an

Olpul a Maasai

meat festival, maybe local dancers or take a visit to the nearby school or local village or. These exciting events are set in a insightful way. The

local Maasai

may as well perform their traditional dance at the camp; please feel free to join in the fun as these energetic men and beautiful women take on this vigorous dance. The cultural activities at Mysigio offer a great insight of the ancient fading out traditions.

The camp is serviced by a dedicated team of staff that is always available to ensure that the guests are well taken care of all the time both day and night.