Ngorongoro Safari Activities

 Ngorongoro Safari Activities/

Things to do in Ngorongoro

Ngorongoro Safari activities are many; mainly done within the Ngorongoro Crater and you can’t regret ever visiting because it is a great place for game viewing and the truth is that it cannot disappoint you. It lies in the Northern Circuit and harbors over 30,000 animals including the Big 5, its scenery is so spectacular and watching the predators move around is a rewarding time as well. In fact it is where the world’s biggest caldera lies, this is an added experience being among those that visited it.

The crater is located approximately 192km from Arusha which is approximately a 4hours drive. There are a lot of activities to do while here and some are mentioned below, the choice is yours;

Game Drives

The major highlight for your safari in Ngorongoro is a game drive in to the rim of the crater; a morning and an afternoon game drive can be enjoyed. The drive involves descending to the bottom of the crater through the lush forests spotting different plant, tree and bird species. When you get to the floor of the crater your eyes are fed with a number of predators that are attracted by the lots of prey spread all over the crater; the herbivores.

The crater has abundant wildlife and attracts many tourists meaning during the peak season between July and October the number of vehicles is also high. So sometimes it’s better to go for a game drive during the rainy season where cars are few hence the game drive will be more private. A 4WD vehicle with a pop-up roof is allowed and driving off track/road is prohibited. There are also large flocks of pink flamingos that are found around Lake Magadi a shallow lake in the crater.

Ngorongoro Safari Activities

Explore the Olduvai Gorge &Shifting sands

This will introduce you to the spectacular surroundings of the Olduvai Gorge and the history behind this place is a must hear; it is where the oldest human skull and other remains were discovered by Dr. Mary Leaky. Then also the shifting sands are to visit; they slowly move stealthily through the desert due the prevailing winds.

Olduvai Gorge

Empakaai Cater Hike

The Empakai crater is a birder’s haven; harbors fantastic birdlife such as the lesser and greater flamingos, grey headed negro finch, this means that it is a great place for birders but also the adventurers can have a great time exploring its floor and enjoy the spectacular scenery. A maximum number of visitors are allowed to walk out and into the crater, and the hike is on a full day basis. The area is so steep and hence those physically fit are advised to take part in the hike.

Maasai Cultural Visit

When you are done with game viewing, you can the Maasai villages and see how they live and associate, you will also be able to see their way of studying, cooking, making handcrafts, music and traditional dances plus their colored dress code. Or you could choose to relax at the lodge with your drink and enjoy the beautiful dances and singing from around 20 Maasai warriors who will entertain you. This requires extra cost and prior booking of such; it greatly works for families and groups.

Maasai Culture

Lake Eyasi walk

During this walk one is able to walk through the open grazing land and the Maasai communities hence enjoying a glimpse of their lifestyle and culture. This walk also leads you to Lake Eyasi where you will have great and amazing views of it. En route you can also visit the school project called the African Foundation Mokilail, where you will have a chance of interacting with the Maasai.

Ngorongoro Safari Activities

Engare Sero Footprint site visit

A visit here is so fascinating, the site is located near Lake Natron and its where hominid footprints that are 5,000 to 19,000 years are found, this is a very interesting experience as you will get to hear the story behind. After visiting the site you can also drive to Lake Natron to watch flamingos.

In conclusion,

Ngorongoro is worth visiting as all your expectations will be met and your dream come true. There is still a lot you can do there such as having private dinners in the wine store; it allows 2 to 6 visitors, a crater view walk also can be enjoyed, well organized honey moon dinners, private sundowners in the crater, weddings among other activities, all these can be enjoyed at an extra cost and prior booking is recommended.

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