Plantation Lodge Ngorongoro

The Plantation Lodge & Safaris

Much like a green oasis, this Plantation Lodge is found on spongy, red-brown hills in the middle of vastness and quietness of East Africa.

No matter which place you glimpse at, you’ll be able to see and experience the unique ambiance of this lodge having furniture that was carefully picked with great attention to each detail. The nice service offered at Plantation Lodge will definitely match all of your desires.

The positioning of this lodge offers the best safari amusement: just a very little distance from the  entrance to the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, not far from Tarangire and Lake Manyara national parks, as well as a couple of kilometers  from Serengeti National Park.

 ROOM at Plantation Lodge:

Plantation Lodge offers 16 rooms set in the beautiful lavish garden, many of them possessing private verandas plus immediate access into the lovely garden. Uniqueness is a principal feature at Plantation Lodge, and for that reason, all of the rooms have their unique fashion, variety of accessories in addition to a bouquet of freshly picked flowers got from their lovely garden which actually highlight the lodge’s elegance. There are maids who cater to the rooms at the lodge that dedicatedly clean the rooms and most importantly nothing makes them more pleased than seeing that they fulfill the desires of their guests.

FOOD and WINE at the Lodge

The kitchen at Plantation Lodge operates on a motto that ‘Fresh variety’. at plantation, they grow their own herbs, vegetables and fruits. This implies that whatever they prepare in the kitchen is fresh and very healthy, and above all very tasty.

In the evening, guests are pampered at the restaurant with an exceptional multi-course cuisine in a trendy, comfy setting. You will be able to as well enjoy the great variety of drinks including beers, wines plus spirits.

As you enjoy your afternoon tea or coffee with cake, you will also be able to enjoy the beautiful surrounding scenery.

 FACILITIES at Plantation Lodge

In case you wish to hang around or to refresh yourself after a dusty game drive you can relax by the poolside and take pleasure in the amazing views of the spectacular hills. You can loosen up comfortably on the sun beds where you can read a nice book or get lost in a dream! As the sun sinks behind the beautiful Mount Oldeani, you will have an enjoyable sundowner.

The garden is filled with various beautiful flowers and actually the flowers put in the vases in the various rooms are picked from this garden. Fruits like mangoes plus avocado are available for the guests to savor as the coffee trees are not only decorations.

Activities at the Lodge

You can view various bird species in the beautiful gardens including Fischer’s lovebirds and the yellow-bellied sunbird in addition to others commonly observed species. The lodge has guides who will explain to the guest the various bird species which they will see in the gardens.

You can also visit the coffee plantation on a guided walk and there you will be informed about the entire coffee beans processing and how the resultant the yummy aromatic beverage is produced.

Check out the lodge’s farm; accompanied by a guide, you will visit the farm nearby to the lodge where you will actually personally observe the traditional lifestyle of the locals, how they  do perform their farm work go about their day to day lifestyle.