Tanzania and China to strengthen development Ties

Next week Tanzania is going to obtain another top level visit to China to promote ties involving the 2 countries as well as to honor Fifty years of fine cooperation as well as relationship.

Talking to the media, Lt. General (rtd)  the Tanzanian Ambassador to China said that the Vice President Mr. Li Yuanchao will come on 21st June this year at Kilimanjaro International Airport.

Ambassador Shimbo said that the aim of this official visit by the Vice President Mr. Li Yuanchao is to strengthen the relationship between Tanzania plus China which will this year make 50 years since this good relation began in 1964 between both countries.

While exploring the Arusha Region the Vice President of China said that he will visit the tourist attraction sites like the Ngorongoro Crater before transferring to the capital Dar es Salaam.

The visit of the Chinese Vice President comes at the perfect time as they mark Fifty years of good diplomatic relations between both countries.

Ambassador Shimbo added that When in Dar es Salaam, the Vice President  will have advanced talks with leaders from the Tanzania government and also attend a number of crucial events like the 2nd  Investment Forum for Tanzania- China.

On 25th June the Vice president of China will visit Zanzibar and there he will hold talks with the Zanzibar 2nd Vice President Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi, prior to going back to Dar es Salaam on 26th June where he will prepare for his return to China.

Dr. Lu Youqing the Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania said that the visit by the Vice President will additional strengthen the China-Tanzania experience discussing in the sectors of poverty reduction plus economic development.

He added that the visit brought on by an invitation from Dr Mohamed Gharib Bilal  the Tanzanian Vice President as well implement the results of President Xi Jinping’s 2013  visit.

He added that The emphasis will be sharing experience of proper governance, restructuring of the financial cooperation as well as boosting individual to individual trade.

He mentioned that the China Vice- President will likewise have mutual talks with the Tanzania President Mr. Jakaya Kikwete, Mizengo Pinda the Prime Minister as well as Dr Bilal the Vice President and even attend a number of events.

Dr. Youqing said that China together with Tanzania are developing nations that have experienced similar challenges and troubles and may learn from one another’s experience towards obtaining shared plus sustainable growth.

He went on to say that throughout his visit in Tanzania, Mr.  Li won’t only swap ideas on poverty diminishment plus development with Tanzanian officials but additionally will motivate Chinese investors plus companies to get in touch with Tanzanian government and the private sector to discover cooperative opportunities for a common benefit.

Dr Youqing mentioned that back in the 1960s and 1970s, Tanzania was at the forefront of fighting for freedom of other African countries and yet again in the twenty first century Tanzania has yet again turned into an example in poverty diminishments as well as development.

He also said that the Chinese Vice president will lay a foundation-stone to a brand-new landmark of Tanzania where an venture of US $77 million dollars will finance the building of a 29-storey Nyerere Foundation Square.