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Complete guide to the crater, how to get there, where to stay, attractions and safari companies.

How To Get There

transport and maps to Ngorongoro
One needs to fly to Kilimanjaro International Airport at Moshi, situated at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro. From there one can get a charter flight, take a taxi or make use of the free shuttle service.

When To Visit

Visiting Ngorongoro
The short rains are from November to December and the long rains from February to April, the latter generally being considered the off season. However, the rainy season is a very exciting time of year..

Safari Lodges

Where to stay
The Ngorongoro Crater area is one of the most visited destinations in Tanzania and thus, does not fall short of facilities in terms of where to stay and at what price, from cheap to luxury safari lodges.

Safari Companies

safari travel agents in Tanzania
Many tour operators or call them Tanzania safari companies offer packages to Ngorongoro as well as other destinations within Tanzania. We present to you a list of credible travel agents.

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The Ngorongoro Crater is a huge volcanic caldera that hosts a great impressive ecosystem ideal for the survival and preservation of a large diversity of animals, ranging from the lions to the uncommon horned large rhinos.  The crater itself is 600m deep to the bottom while the crater floor, is 20km in diameter filled with a diversity of wildlife, ponds plus pools.

This Crater covers a total land area of approximately 8,288 sq km, and was initially set up as a National Park back in 1959. In during that year, this park received the honor of a World Heritage Site, to make sure that the uniqueness and exceptionality of the Ngorongoro remained well safe guarded.

The Ngorongoro Crater is actually a very spectacular destination worth visiting so as to personally witness its large terrain from its heights that extend as far as the horizon. The floor of the crater, also referred to as the bottom of the crater is a volcanic caldera that collapsed about 2 to 3 million years back.  The walls that surround the floor of the crater are about 2,000 ft high, and these serve as the great way to safe guard the various wild animals that stay inside the crater.

Among the various wild animals you should look forward to seeing in the park are the Big Five among which are: rhinos, leopards, elephants, lions plus buffaloes. It is as well a wonderful a destination to have an opportunity to see animals hunting as well as spot hyenas near the big watering hole, as they prepare to attack the large flocks of flamingoes. This crater in addition is an exceptional destination for birds with several species of birds residing there among which are: the kori bustard plus the black kite that live here in larger numbers compared to other game parks across the northern part of the country.

The wildlife together with the breathtaking scenery attract a large number of tourists to this crater every year. Also several tourists visit that area to visit the Olduvai Gorge an archaeological site where the initial fossils were discovered that remains the most significant prehistoric landmarks on the entire planet today. According to the archaeologists, they estimate that some of the hominid species remains date up to more than 3 million years back in time.

Standing on the edge of the crater wall you will be able to look down into the crater whose 600 meters high walls are dense highland forest that slowly fades into an open grassy terrain up to the crater floor. Surrounding you is a dense verdant forest with sounds of waving tree branches being blown by the gentle wind. The weather generally cool although as seen from the crater ridge the inside of the crater appears hot and very sunny. You will be able to notice several safari vehicles crisscrossing the different trucks while on game drives.